Recent reviews and testimonialsfrom CBBK9 customers


“As bed bugs bring much anxiety to anyone, there is no better person to call than Walter Penny and Macaroni in order to become educated on how to handle the situation and feel like you are not alone. After finding bites that looked alarmingly like bed bug bites, and not being able to find any evidence of bed bugs myself, I went on the search to find an professional inspector. I came across Walter and Macaroni’s website, and after giving Walter a call was met with nothing but friendliness and professionalism throughout the whole process! I told him that through my paranoia I had found some examples of what may be bed bug evidence, and that very day he came to inspect them (and thankfully reassure me that they were nothing of the sort) and thoroughly educate me on what to look for. Receiving that knowledge made me feel like I could battle the situation! Still, I could not bear to think that I had any level of infestation, and called again to make an appointment with Walter and Macaroni. Yet again, very prompt in response, the very next morning Walter and Macaroni inspected my apartment. I was overjoyed to find that they hadn’t found anything. Now with my newfound knowledge on prevention, I can find comfort in knowing that I won’t be taken off guard if this situation ever comes up again.

Walter and Macaroni obviously handle their job with the utmost care, and their professionalism and friendliness can make even the most anxious person feel like they have control over their living space again! I would highly recommend giving them a call if you’ve found yourself in this situation, you won’t be disappointed :)”

– Julia M. via Email