Thank You

Macaroni and I want to thank all of our clients and customers for a wonderful business experience.  Everyday it is a delight to wake up and go to work.  I realize how fortunate I am and want all of you to know how grateful we are to you.  We recognize that bed bugs often create a traumatic and very stressful situation.  I hope that we are of some comfort and help to all of you and to all our clients in the future.  Please turn to us when you need bed bug K9 scent detection.  Thank you once again and have a remarkable day.  (Macaroni says, “woof”.)

How to get rid of Bed Bugs

This presentation covers the do’s and don’ts of preparation for Bed Bug extermination. Unfortunately most Bed Bug sufferers start tossing everything into the trash and that is just not necessary and expensive. I do believe though that if it makes you feel better..pitch it. But make sure you wrap everything you are throwing away in plastic before you drag it through your home, you don’t want the Bed Bugs falling off around your home. Also destroy any furniture so that somebody can’t take your stuff off the street and into their home..it happens all the time especially college towns. Once again another very well done video from Jody L. Gangloff-Kaufman of Cornell University. Caution! Scary pictures of some brutal infestations.

How to inspect for Bed Bugs in your home or hotel

If you are a frequent traveler I highly recommend this video to learn how to inspect your bed and room for Bed Bugs.  Also this Bed Bug video is valuable to the apartment, condo, and home owner on how to look for Bed Bugs in your own home.  Here at Colorado Bed Bug K9 my dog Macaroni and I have seen all of these situations.  This video indirectly points out the value of a K9 Bed Bug Inspection. So many nooks and crannies that are extremely difficult to get to or locate can be great hiding areas for Bed Bugs. It’s not just an East Coast issue, you can find Bed Bugs in all major metropolitan cities including right here in Denver, Colorado.  Once again another very well done video from Jody L. Gangloff-Kaufman of Cornell University. Caution!  Scary pictures of some brutal infestations.

Do Bed Bugs transmit disease?

Evidence shows that, no, Bed Bugs do not transmit diseases unlike ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.  Although the Bed Bug feeding method is similar to a Mosquitoes there is no evidence and no studies that show Bed Bugs transmit any pathogens.  Maybe it is because Cimex lectularius is so dependent on humans for food (blood), harborage, and reproduction that it would be counterproductive to kill off it’s primary host.  That being said Bed Bugs do contain a variety of known pathogens in their bodies but for whatever reason these diseases do not get passed on to the human providing the blood meal.